PeopleForBikes Advocacy Academy is an online video series and resource library for city leaders, decision makers and advocates. It provides the necessary tools and information to understand how cities are evaluated through the PlacesForBikes City Ratings program and how to make cities better for bikes.

Video series 1

lessons from the best biking cities

Even the best cities for bicycling didn’t start that way. Through decades of progress, these cities discovered how to tap into broad community support and gain the commitment of local leadership to build completely connected, comfortable networks of protected bikeways, trails and quiet neighborhood streets that allow people to travel safely on two wheels.

Video series 2

City Ratings: what it is + How it works

Since 2018, the PlacesForBikes City Ratings program has set a new standard in defining and measuring great places for biking. We use a data-driven approach to measure critical components of a community’s progress and then identify the best cities and towns for bicycling. This program helps city leaders pinpoint simple, low-cost improvements to make their city better for bikes.

Coming Soon - Series 3

how to make a city great for biking

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